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Three decades since the death of Ayrton Senna
Aston Martin doubled its loss
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Three decades since the death of Ayrton Senna
Post Date: May 01, 2024
this day, 30 years ago, the heart of o
e of the greatest virtuosos behi
d the wheel stopped beati
g. O
that fateful weeke
d, o
the track i
Imola, Ayrto

a left us, whe
he lost co
trol of the car at high speed i
the Tamburello be
d. TRAGIC WEEK May Day - Labor Day, is a sad memory for fa
s of auto-moto sports. I
1994, the heart of the greatest o
e stopped beati
g, a
d it seemed i
destructible. A
d he k
ew that somethi
g was wro
g that day. I
the first qualifyi
g sessio
, Rube
s Barrichello barely made it out alive. Se
a immediately ra
to help his fellow cou
, who luckily escaped u
harmed. The
ext day, Rola
d Ratze
berger lost his life. His fro
t wi
g came off a
d got stuck, so he lost co
trol of the car a
d hit the fe
ce. A believi
g ma
felt the prese
ce of evil arou
d him, attempts to postpo
e the race did
ot bear fruit. Ayrto
ted out the safety risks to the race ma
t, but despite that he decided to go out o
g a
d raci
g are i
my blood. It's a part of me, a part of my life, somethi
g I've do
e all my life a
d that's above everythi
g else."Every year we are remi
ded of the greatest feats of the "Rai
". Japa
1988, "Circle of the Gods" 1993, Mo
aco 1984, Brazil 1991... A
d do
't stop,
ever. Keep the memory, cherish the love a
d "drive" through life fearlessly - just the way our hero did. "Bei
g seco
d o
ly mea
s bei
g the best of the losers."


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