About Us

As one of the leading manufacturers of automobile intelligence electronics products, Auto-i (Canada) Corp. has more than 18 years of experience in specializing in design, manufacturing, vehicle safety and convenient electronics products for the automotive industry. We offer premium quality and advanced technology products worldwide.

(((Auto-i high quality automobile intelligence electronics product series include:

-Parking Sensor System
-Back-up Camera System
-BSD Blind-Spot Detection System
-Custom designed safety systems for special vehicle application

Our ISO9001 certified factories provide OEM or OED projects and private labels.
(((Auto-i captures attention with its modern factory facilities, ambitious R & D department and sharp pursuit of quality, all of which draw brand name vehicles into the reassuring arms of our products. Because of this, we have fortified our name with strongly reputable quality, reliability and advanced products. We are equipped with high technology, state-of-the-art products design, efficient production lines, as well as sufficient and high quality follow-up service.
As the leading manufacturer of vehicle safety systems, we are committed to continuously providing advanced, reliable products to the mobile electronics market.

For further information about our products, or to those interested in becoming one of our distributors or manufacturing representatives, please contact us by email: or to our corporate office located in Toronto, Canada.

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